Services Offered

For the client looking for self-discovery, heal trauma/pain, and/or achieve balance and harmony in your life. Meeting one on one will provide you the opportunity to examine thoughts, feelings, reactions, and acceptance of yourself. The exploration in to the multiplicity of the mind allows one to understand how we can have multiple thoughts and feelings. When we learn about what thoughts and feelings are a part of us, we can learn how to support them and guide them so all aspects of ourselves are recognized. 

If you find yourself identifying someone in your family as the client that needs to be treated, more likely the family could benefit from counseling together. The family dynamic activates the thoughts and feelings inside of ourselves, so understanding your own perspective and how others impact each other.  

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Court ordered, family prompted, or personal intrigue are all starting points for awareness and change. The scariest thing about coping is finding out what makes us cope. Honoring and accepting aspects of ourselves, don't need to be coped with because we become comfortable with their existence. 

You can't change or accept what you don't know. 

Licensing Supervision

Coming from a foundation you feel secure in is the best place to start a career. There is nothing more important than having a place you can explore your strengths and struggles when becoming a treatment provider. It is very important to find what therapeutic issues you are comfortable treating. Human beings have been created with a certain level of unpredictability. And that "unpredictability" is what makes on the job learning so important.  

 Group Counseling 

Seeing your struggles externalized through others may increase acceptance of the same struggles inside yourself. We all struggle at some point, the important piece is asking for help when you need it.  

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