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Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Evolution of The Internal Family Systems Model By Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

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The Introduction to Internal Family Systems article will provide the basic principles and concepts of the therapeutic process. Approaching the system inside of a person is the most holistic approach yet to date. Us therapist pride ourselves on being a holistic therapists since it takes into account the entirety of the person except it never accounted for the multifaceted aspects of the person. The Internal Family Systems Therapy approaches each person as having an entire system inside of themselves which we like to call their sub personalities and/or internal family. We are creatures that are not simple minded and that concept plays in to knowing we have complex parts and they all have a reason for existence.

Read the article written by the developer of Internal Family Systems, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. A therapist who developed the model through actually seeing the existence of it inside of client's as he treated them. Understand the model can be daunting for our minds to get wrapped around until you really experience the process. It is suggested you find a therapist trained in Internal Family Systems therapy to guide you through the process and teach you to live it.

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